Everything Bagels for the Win on Long Adventures

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I have a new performance nutrition go-to on long rides, runs, and adventures. There’s nothing ground breaking about this fuel option. It’s cheap, it’s available at even remote grocery stores, and it’s not sweet…it’s a savory. The lowly “everything bagel” have been fueling me, and clients, this summer and Autumn.

But hear me clearly: When you’re sitting at your desk or breakfast table, this is NOT the healthiest choice (by a long shot). The refined grains are similar to sugar in your body, and if you’re sedentary at the moment, less quick carbs and more fiber and protein is a better option.

Again, it all comes down to keeping Daily Nutrition and Training Nutrition separated (again, this is important).

And when you’re adventuring, riding far, or running a canyon, considering smashing an everything bagel into your pack for some real food goodness, or even make my signature PB-and-Dates Everything Bagel:

Recipe of the Week:  PB and Dates Everything Bagel


  • 1 Everything Bagel
  • 1-2 Tbsp natural peanut butter (or other nut/seed butter)
  • 4-5 dates, cut in half

Instructions: Spread nut butter on bagel, add date slices.

Nutrition Approximates (one sandwich): 600 calories, 700 mg sodium, 80 gm carbs, 5 grams fiber, 16 grams protein

Of note, I didn’t have time to add it, but I was thinking that bacon strips or even jerky would have been an awesome addition to my pb-and-dates sandwich. My husband prefers ham and mustard (a good choice if you suffer from muscle cramps).

Why and When Should You Fuel with Everything Bagels?

For an adventure longer than 3-4 hours, when  you want something a bit more substantial, solid, and/or savory than gels and drinks…try 1/2 of this sandwich (and save the other half after you push yourself for 6 hours). If you have some time to allow it to digest (such as an upcoming downhill, you can try the whole thing at once…but avoid over-filling your stomach while still going hard (avoid the “mid-ride feast and bonk”)

They provide a significant dose of the carbohydrates, sodium, and calories your body can use. And weirdly, unlike “sweeter” bagels like plain, blueberry, and cinnamon, these don’t set in my stomach as heavy. In fact check out these recent adventures fueled by everything bagels:

Ruby Range Traverse 2018 (strava link):




A Client’s High Alpine Mountain Bike Races including the Gunny Loopy Loop, Epic Colorado Adventure & CTR:


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Grand Canyon R3 Run (strava link & trip report):


How does this sandwich fit into my fuel recommendations for nutrition per hour when adventuring? My generic hourly recommendations are simple:

  • ~8-16 oz. fluid per hour for runs, snow climbs, or cold weather
  • ~18-24 oz. fluid per hour on a bike or 70 deg F or higher weather
  • 40-60 grams carbs per hour (can go as high as 60-90 gm per hour)
  • 400-700 mg sodium per hour.

For long adventures, I use the everything bagel, or something similar, for much of the carbs every 3-4 hours.

That’s it for nutrition. But there’s another, often-overlooked component. Morale. When it’s a tough, cold, or long ride, climb, or run, real food can lift your spirits better than a gel or drink ever could. When you’re doubting your sanity and your feet hurt, a good that “sounds” good, also feels good. In my book it’s the everything bagel for the win!

Want the full story? Well then, you’ll love Fuel Right Race Light. It’s the Apex Nutrition ebook, and it contains everything you need to 1) eat right day to day for your weight goals, health and wellness, and ongoing recovery; 2) fuel your training with perfectly timed and portioned training fuel before, during, and after training; 3) supplement smartly with the nutrients athletes need; and 4) hydrate well. Fuel Right Race Light puts it all together for you in a very easy-to-follow plan that you can implement today! Money back guarantee!

***Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links based completely on my own professional opinions and recommendations. Long before affiliate links, I provided links to online products so that my readers and clients across the country and world would have an easy way to purchase them without confusion. I do NOT align my recommendations with any one company, but thoroughly research and practice them. When you purchase through an affiliate link, the prices stays the same for you, but I receive a very small commission that helps make this blog possible.***


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