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For over 20 years I've created nutrition programs for 1000s of clients - teens, adults, pros, & amateurs - with amazing success! Now, I provide INSTANT-DOWNLOAD programs & bootcamps. They are effective, affordable, and ready immediately.

My programs are not a diet. Instead, I'll teach you to nourish your body. You'll meet weight goals, health goals, recovery goals, race goals, cooking goals, and adventure goals. Even more, you'll experience energy, health, strength, & confidence. Let's Go!

How Can You fuel Your adventure & nourish your body? I've got a plan for that...

Fuel Right Feel Great

Complete Nutrition Plans for Endurance Athletes. Learn to nourish your body while achieving great strength-to-weight ratio, fuel your adventures hour by hour, smartly supplement, & hydrate perfectly. Includes full detailed meal plan, fueling plans, & supplement guide.

Fit & Strong Program.

Complete Nutrition Program including full nourishing meal plan, fitness plan, smoothie cleanse, and more. Meet your goals, increase energy, and feel great (WITHOUT "athlete" focus)!

Kick A** in the kitchen (coming soon)

Part cookbook. Part life-changing cooking method. This guide will show you how to cook homemade, delish, easy, nourishing, low-stress dinners in just 2-3 hours per week. Tired of dealing with dinner? Seriously. This will change your life.

rise, heal, & Recover diet (coming soon)

Complete nutrition & wellness plan to come back from any injury faster, better, and fully. Practical game-changing strategies, tips, eating, & supplement plans for nourishing your recovery.

Level up

Apex Nutrition 12-Week Master Courses

Part bootcamp, part "master class." Choose from Fuel Right, Fit & Strong, Kick Ass in the Kitchen, or Rise Heal & Recover Classes. Kelli breaks each plan into bite-sized weekly classes designed to help you form long-lasting habits for real change. Every Apex Master Course includes weekly videos, daily instructions and emails, and the full instant-download plan. The habits are simple, thoroughly explained, and supported with easy strategies and tools. Form new habits for a new lifestyle. You're just 12 weeks away...

coming soon...

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The Nutrition Crux for Endurance Athletes

Sports Nutrition 101

My Top Recommendation For Weight Loss

Dropped 35 pounds...Kelli is the best

I contacted Kelli after listening to her podcast and thinking she might be able to help me. I went to her with 2 disparate goals: (1) develop ride nutrition and training to complete an ultra-endurance MTB for the first time in my life and (2) lose weight and become generally more healthy. I say disparate because she quickly taught me that daily nutrition and ride nutrition were nearly opposite in nature but that I could balance this and learn techniques to be more healthy and happy with my riding. In the end I dropped 35 lbs and met my stretch goal time in completing the SM100 in September, 2019 at age 50. - I could not have done it without her! - Mike

10% increase in power to strength

Without a doubt Kelli has improved my cycling in a big way this season. Managed to loose 7kg of weight whilst still maintaining all the strength and power output I had previously, equating to around a 10% increase in power to weight ratio in a period of 3 months. Wow! And not only that I feel better both on and off the bike, have plenty of energy for work, and look forward to long endurance rides because of all the tasty food I get to eat! Thanks again Kelli for all your efforts! Highly recommended to all endurance athletes out there looking to get the edge on the competition. – Matty J.

lost 30 lbs and 4% body fat...

I started my coaching plan with Kelli to improve my overall nutrition and fueling at the beginning of my training season, and what a journey. In a period of 10 months I not only lost about 30 lb and 4 percent of body fat, but also with her extremely valuable weekly feedback I could keep my energy level high and stay on track. I consider myself quite fortunate to had a chance to work with her and I highly recommend her for those who are serious about seeing result and improvement. Thanks Kelli, Reza triathlete

By far the best edge i have...

After coming off a stress fracture, I was looking to get back into ultra-running shape and contacted Kelli. I got way more than I expected! A great nutrition coach who not only helped me understand food as fuel, but she provided great detailed guidance on my nutritional needs, including everything from my off/light training days to the hardest training days. She helped me create a tailored detailed fuel plans for race days. I am a much better ultra-runner after following the daily and race plan nutrition. Now, even over a year later – I am committed to her overall nutrition plan, it simply works. Even after putting in all the training miles, nutrition is by far the best edge I have when it comes to ultra-running! -Doug, Ultra-marathon runner

lost several pounds, consistent energy...

My experience working with Kelli @ Apex Nutrition has been nothing but positive. Through the use of Kelli’s services, I have been able to make some key changes to the way I eat on a daily basis and I have lost several pounds as a result.  In addition to making better daily nutrition choices, Kelli has helped me dial-in my training & racing nutrition so that I have consistent energy on the bike.” -Dave B

20 lbs lighter and feeling so much better...

I found MBR and heard your podcast. I looked up your web page and it was exactly what I was looking for! I lost weight, got healthier and moved up through the ranks, finishing the season 5th in points, 20lbs lighter, and feeling so much better during and after racing. This season:  A lazy offseason and I started off a little out shape and in a new category 40-49. A bit disappointed with a 4th place finish, kicked me into gear to get back on track. Working hard and fueled right, i have climbed to first in points this season. But a new problem arose, some races I felt great and some races I felt a bit sluggish. As my competitors used me as inspiration to get better and closed the gap, off days did not cut it. I realized my race day fueling wasn’t great. So thx to you I think I’ve gotten that under control now and after the win (feeling great), I have secured enough points to win the series with two races left. Thank you so much for your help. Things I have learned:  Food is fuel! The best fuel can make you faster all by itself, and bad fuel can make the fastest person slow. Ignoring your fuel, will cost you races! Thx for teaching me what good fuel is. – JR M.

turned out to be a huge difference...

As an age group triathlete, I started working with Kelli after my coach’s recommendation. I had caught the “Tri Bug” about 2 years back and I had already dropped around 40 pounds just by training. But still I had a long way to go in order to become a faster and complete athlete. Eating and dieting for “performance” was what I needed and what turned out to be a huge difference. After a few and quick Q&A session with Kelli, she efficiently laid out a nutrition plan that focused on the two major components on an athlete’s life: Fueling and Nourishing your body in order to sustain your body trough hard training and help you achieve your performance goals. As I followed the plan, I learned so many things and realized how much waste I was fueling my body with. In just a 3 to 4 months period, not just me, but my family completed changed our eating habits and what is more important, enjoyed doing it as we saw results and never felt hungry or weak when training. Kelli made it so simple and she continuously kept in touch trying to answer any question that I might had. Now, Kelli’s book/guide is my reference for all my training, racing and resting days nutritional needs. I set new PRs for the Olympic distance triathlon and for the Half marathon twice. And looking for more to come by maintaining good eating and fueling habits and of course, training hard!!!!! Enjoy the ride to a better performance. Thanks Kelli!!!! -Angel, avid Triathlete

I did it...completed a 100...

Kelli, I am super excited to let you know that I did it!!! On Sunday I completed the Shenandoah Mountain 100 in 13:40:40, hitting my stretch goal to finish under 14 hours. My original target was 15:30 so this is a great accomplishment and I could not be more proud! My gps says 98.1 miles and 13,553’ of climbing.
My ride nutrition was dialed. I never once felt energy deficient beyond the expected general fatigue. My stomach behaved with only minor issues here and there that would seem unavoidable. I did start to cramp at the top of the 3rd climb (Hankey Mtn is the 2nd biggest and I’m told many folks cramp there), but with a long descent followed by pickle juice and Enduralytes at AS3 I was good to go the rest of the way.
I fully realize that I’m the one who ultimately put in the work. However, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have accomplished this without you. Your inputs into my ride and daily nutrition were essential. I lost 34lbs and 3” off my waist and that’s obviously tangible to my success. I am still working to understand the science behind what my body needs and when, but through your plan I was able to implement an approach that generally works and can continue to build from there. You’d be amazed at the number of people who have commented on my transformation. Even at a few of the AS’s I had friends say things like “wow, you look great... I guess I haven’t seen you in awhile.” I had great support from many, but you are at the core of my accomplishment. Thank you x1,000!
I am sore and very tired post ride, but a bit more functional than I expected. I didn’t get much sleep leading up to the race and I think that’s now become a big factor in addition to the energy outlay of the race itself. Overall I’m fine with no major issues and really few minor ones. I am currently 4 lbs heavier than pre-ride."
Kelli is simply the best and does a tremendous job in providing coaching and support, even when 1000's of miles away. You cannot do better for nutritional and training support! Thank you!!!

Cut another 45 lbs...eating healthy while training...

I worked with Kelli for about a year and half and she truly helped me change my life and helped me along my path to some grandiose goals. I started working with her after I had somewhat plateaued at around 6'2" and 225 lbs. She took her time with me for the first couple weeks and analyzed how I had been eating and riding and then went forward and provided me with all the tools I needed to cut to a more athletic weight.

I followed her plan to a T, and was able to cut another 45 pounds. After this I continued to work with her and focused on training and race nutrition and how to manage eating cleanly and healthily while training hard. I capped my time off with her by winning and setting the record in my age group at the Silver State 508 self supported in my first go at it. We mutually decided to part ways after The 508 after we both determined I was in a good state to go out on my own. Kelli is an awesome person and a wonderful dietitian and health coach.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting to advance themselves past where riding dozens of hours a week can take you.


ALL this over 50 years old...

Like a lot of the folks working with Kelli, I had been working with a cycling coach and making some progress but nothing like what happened when we added Kell and Apex to the mix.

I didn't go into this piecemeal with Kelli I heard her on a podcast and was so impressed that emailed her out of the blue about signing up for a full year of customized service. (in advance) Am I happy with the results?? Well that was 3 years ago and Kelli has helped me achieve so much I can't list them all here. A partial: I've Everested, 28 hours 29,029 ft. Won my age group in a 24 hour non-drafting ultra race, competed in and completed the 1500 mile Transatlantic Way ride in Ireland. Done many centuries and multi day 100 plus mile rides. All at over 50 years old and without a lot of bike talent.

How? A huge part is the 60+ pounds Kelli helped me take off my frame. Her system and philosophy are in my opinion the best if you want to train hard and long and still have energy to recover and do it again. But it is way more than that...it feels like Kelli is always cheering me on. Not in a rah rah way but in a "I know this is hard but you've got this in you" kind of way. For me that is huge. She is genuinely joyful in her client's success.

Read the book, do a bootcamp, listen to the podcasts...I can't imagine that you will be disappointed.

Stronger than before...

Listened to every podcast and read everything that I could get my hands on. Thought I was eating lean and clean. Had resolved myself to the point where "this was as good as it was going to get". Not one to settle for status quo, talked to friends and they suggested to get "diet coach". I had a cycling coach already and thought why not.

Working with Kelli and following her guidance, she offered me a different perspective of how & when to eat. She also showed me the supplementation to support better health & performance, on & off the bike. I just participated in my annual physical and the doctor said "all the numbers are better than last year. Stay the course."

Most endurance athletes are about the "numbers" & if you are, here are the numbers - Starting in January (body weight @ 174 lbs, fat weight @ 28 lbs, FTP @ 159), with Kelli's support fast forward to June and I tipped the scales @ 162 lbs (18 lbs of fat) with a FTP of 191. Facts are facts! Though she didn't plan the physical work on the bike, the bike plan has stayed consistent over this period (3 days on the bike, 5-7 hours). When on the bike, feel stronger today, than when we started.

We are a few pounds away from our "goal" weight and I'm more confident than ever we will obtain the "goal". The changes Kelli presented me were not restrictive or boring, everything is in moderation. If you want someone that will listen to your goals and guide & support you in your efforts, Kelli is a person that you should engage.

You'd be stupid not to...

Before working with Kelli, I struggled to have the energy and recover after my mountain bike rides. I'd always bonk about 2 hours in, and would always limp through the rest of the ride. My eating habits were all over the place.

Working with Kelli is the cheapest and best way to get on track with everything. We went through what I was looking for, my dietary restrictions, and how I was feeling on my rides. I've gone from 2 hour bonk rides, to pinning it for 3+ and feeling fresh afterwards. I'm recovering faster, I'm losing body fat without loss of strength/muscle. The best part is, my diet changed a little bit, but just got more focused. I've got a custom-fit formula depending on my days. If I've got a recovery day, I know what to do. If I'm working out or have a ride, I've got another really easy to follow plan.

I'm extremely pleased with my progress so far, and if you're on the fence, the cost-to-value ratio is so high, you'd be stupid not to work with Kelli. - James

Catalyst for Change

I want to thank you for your service and wealth of knowledge. I am almost at my goal weight, I am feeling way better on the bike and feel better over all.
For me the weighed and measured approach with the proper nutrition has transformed my life from being out of balance and too lopsided toward work and rush rush rush, to what is important, and that is taking care of me. When I do this I enjoy my riding more and I am more present to my family and friends.
Thanks Kelli - Patrick

Little Tweaks that Made Massive Difference

Getting to race weight while keeping the energy to train hard is a difficult task. Kelli identified what the issue was quickly and proposed a strategy that helped me achieve my racing goals. Kelli doesn’t shy away from taking the time to explain her philosophy and give you the tools to be successful. I have a new set of tools and knowledge that I’ll be using for the upcoming season. Thank you so much for everything. - Antonio

Always Room to Improve

Although I eat pretty darn clean and have my racing nutrtition pretty dialed, I purchased the Custom Nutrition Plan and 1 addtional month of coaching. Let's just say that what I learned is going to me me 5% faster! Kelli tweaked my Daily Nutrition as well as my Training Nutrition every so slightly. And with that, I am meeting my goal weight as well as keeping my on the bike performance up to speed. I would highly recommend utilizing her skills to improve your daily life nutrition as well as performance nutrition. - Carey

What "diet" do you teach?

I don't teach a "diet." I teach clients how to eat nourishing foods for overall health and disease prevention PLUS fuel based on their specific training, competition, or adventures. In terms of popular diets, the foods I recommend are most close to paleo, including whole-food carbohydrates, healthy proteins, loads of plant foods, and healthy fats. The emphasis is on real foods and minimizing processed foods.

Do You Recommend High-Sugar Training Fuel?

The goal of "Training Fuel" or "Performance Nutrition" is to provide the nutrients your body can use at the precise times it needs them. The primary nutrient used (if your body is not in ketosis) is glucose. This is provided by starches, sugar, natural sugars (honey, maple, fruit), and more in my fueling plans. They are balanced and science-based to provide great performance nutrition for endurance athletes.

Are your plans gluten- and dairy-free? Vegan? Keto?

My everyday nutrition and performance nutrition plans are easily customizable to be gluten-free and dairy-free. In fact, I provide instructions for all major allergies. The plans also have instructions to customize it to be vegetarian, but I do find strict vegan eating to be unsustainable and inadequate for endurance athletes without vast supplement use. My plans are not keto customizable.

Do you provide custom plans & coaching?

No, I do not provide custom plans or one-on-one coaching at this time. However, my plans and bootcamps include all the education, nutrition plans, and instruction needed. They are highly customizable, useful, and effective. And, they are affordable and ready to start immediately.

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