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Swap It! Spaghetti Squash for Wheat Noodles
How many endurance athletes out there depend on pasta as a staple of your diet?  While you can make some good choices with pasta (such as choosing noodles made with whole grains or garbanzo beans), wheat flour products will almost...
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Delicious Easy Grilled Foil Packets
Spring’s all about easy, no-mess, delicious meals from the grill.  Fresh foods that provide the colors, tastes, smells, and nutrients you want and need.  This week, we’re getting the heck out of the kitchen and keeping it easy on the...
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Light at Night Spicy Tacos
Over the past few years, I’ve repeated a few key recommendations for athletes trying to lose fat or maintain a lean weight.  Over and over, you’ve heard me say, “Light at Night.” It’s true.  I recommend eating the vast majority of...
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