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Apex Nutrition exists to make you a better athlete. You will get results: Healthier. Better fueled. Recovered. Energized. Stronger AND Leaner. Better Endurance. How? 4 Apex Keys:

  • Nourishing, Healthy Daily Nutrition. I'll give you specific detailed ideas for all meals and snacks to meet your health, strength to weight ratio, recovery, and food goals.
  • Effective, Real-Food Training Fuel & Hydration. Adequate fluid, nutrients, calories, electrolytes & more for your best performance & recovery. No Bonks or Cramps!
  • Strategic Supplement Plan along with Real Foods to reduce chronic disease, lessen Wintertime colds, flus, & respiratory infections, speed up healing, & eliminate fatigue & over-training.
  • A No-Fail, Comprehensive, Real-Life "Just Tell Me What to Eat" Meal Plan that brings all of this together for you.
    Sound too good to be true? It's not. You can START TODAY. Here's how:

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    First, choose one of the Apex Sports Nutrition Plans (you’ve got options):

    Download Your Full Sports Nutrition Plan (Fuel Right Race Light ebook) today, choose Custom Sports Nutrition Plans if you’d like it all Customized, and/or add One-on-One Nutrition Coaching once you have a Apex Custom Plan.  Starting at just $40 for Fuel Right Race Light, I guarantee you’ll improve daily eating & training fuel, save time with both, recover better, and improve overall energy, health and wellness. That’s a lot for just $40! Or, if you don’t want to focus on “training,” but are more interested in just weight loss & everyday fitness, check out Apex Fit & Strong.

    If you’re a bit unsure, let me introduce myself, my plans, and how I can help you today in this quick 5-minute video.

    Next, don’t forget my acclaimed blog: Fuel Right Blog!

    In addition to the Apex Sports Nutrition Plans, you can continue to learn, join, and discuss as we talk recipes, training fuel strategies, motivation and fuel, adventures, nutrition in the marketplace, and more.  Podcasts, videos, amateur pictures…I’ve got it all.

    And here’s the Apex Difference:

    Throughout my sports nutrition plans, coaching, and blog, I’ll offer my personal and professional recommendations without taking myself too seriously (remember, training should be fun & nutrition should nourish your WHOLE body and mind, not add stress!).  I’m an accomplished endurance athlete who knows the feeling of blood, sweat, and tears on the trail, and I’m a Registered Dietitian (but don’t worry, no food guide pyramid here.).  I’ve worked with thousands of clients, with a very high success, satisfaction, and referral rate.  This means that you’ll benefit from the experience of literally thousands of others. I’m also a wife, mom of 4, and know all about grocery budgets and cooking in the real world; so my sports nutrition plans certainly don’t require personal chefs or huge grocery bills. But perhaps more importantly, I know how to fly up and down mountain bike & running trails and backcountry slopes, fueled right and smiling ear to ear.  Won’t you join me?

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