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Build-Your-Own Pre-Training Smoothie
The pre-training ritual.  Most every athlete has one, whether strategic or not.  At the top of the list is what to eat.  Some work out on nothing, even after fasting through the night.  Some swear by oatmeal, energy bars, or...
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Refreshing Sodium-Loading Lemonade
You know who you are.  You’re encrusted in white salt, and you could wring out your jersey after an intense ride or run while others seem to barely need a shower.  You simply seem to sweat during training significantly more...
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Raw Cacao Chocolate Milk for Recovery
Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. And this trick involves raw cacao. I’ve found a new way to make chocolate milk (dairy or non-dairy). I use a bit of this chocolate milk in my coffee (healthy mocha!), I...
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