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The Well-Oiled Athlete: Essential Oils for Athletes

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After many months of using, testing, researching, and working with athletes and essential oils, I am excited to share them with you! If you have been around Apex Nutrition & Fuel Right  Blog, you know that I am all about whole-body health AND optimal performance and recovery for athletes. In addition, whole-life healthfulness and nourishment is vitally important to me; from what goes in us to what goes on us to what’s in our personal environments.

And, essential oils have a lot to offer us in many of these aspects. They have benefitted me and my family significantly, and I thought you might want to know how they can benefit you, as an athlete, as well.

But, maybe you’re a bit skeptical the moment you hear the words “essential oils.” Or, a bit skeptically curious. Maybe essential oils are completely foreign to you, seem like snake oil to you, seems dangerous, or seem irrelevant to athletes. Don’t worry, your concerns are certainly welcome. I started my journey skeptical. But I’m glad I started the journey. After diving in and learning about these plant compound oils, and having experienced the health-supporting and performance-benefitting effects that I have, it would have been a shame to ignore them just because I was skeptical.

Or, maybe you already realize their benefits, can’t wait to use them, and simply want to learn ways to best apply them as an athlete. I’m here for you, too!

No matter your starting point, I hope stick around. Below, you’ll find my Well-Oiled Athlete Introductory Videos, a Link to my new Plan, 100+ Ways Essential Oils Work for Athletes (the majority of which use common oils you can buy in the kits I recommend), and a link to my recommended brand & affiliate store for purchasing them. Let’s get started:

Intro to Essential Oils for Athletes: Expensive Snake Oil or Truly Beneficial:
Exactly what are essential oils? It’s quite simple…they are compounds from plants that have been obtained from distillation methods. These compounds are created by plants to thrive, heal, and protect themselves Want to learn more? Click here or view the video on the right…

The Science of Essential Oils: How they get into your Bloodstream & Effects

So, how exactly do they work? How can they possibly get into my body, affect my blood, cells, and tissues? Is there any science here? They can enter 3 ways and they can travel throughout the body before being expired or excreted. To learn more, click here or view the video on the right…

The Well Oiled Athlete: How Essential Oils Work for Athletes Specifically

As an athlete, is there anything specific essential oils can do for me? Why yes, there is! From skin issues to respiration to sleep and digestion, specific oils can benefit certain cells and tissues within us. To learn more, click here or view the video on the right…

Ready for the entire book of Well Oiled Athlete Recipes? Click here for 100+ Ways Essential Oils Work for Athletes

Purchasing Essential Oils

As I’ve stated in the videos above, I don’t take essential oils, supplements, or any isolated portions of plants or foods lightly. Once a part of a food or plant is isolated or concentrated, it can become very powerful and must be used with caution. Since it no longer has the barriers that were naturally in place to slow digestion and minimize absorption (in some cases), the compounds can often enter our systems quickly and affect our cells, tissues, and systems. When used wisely, this can be a great thing. When used carelessly, it can become dangerous.

So, just like with supplements, I recommend that you only purchase essential oils from reputable companies.  When it comes to oils, I recommend specifically that the companies have well-documented data on the origins, distillation processes and chemical make-ups of the oils as evidenced by routine testing. Sure, it can be cheaper buy oils from a company that do none of this, but that’s not what I want to put into my bloodstream and cells.  Second, I recommend that you heed the cautions and warnings I’ve listed in my 100+ Ways Essential Oils Work for Athletes. One of the significant benefits of buying oils through my link below is that I will send you a copy of this document as a FREE bonus, and I can become your resource for using oils wisely…no need to sort through the many misconceptions and marketing all over the web. Sound familiar? It’s all the same stuff I offer all my sports nutrition!

If you’re ready to buy oils and want ones from the company I recommend, simply click on the link below:

Simply email oils@apexnutritionllc.com get my product page link and full instruction to shop for & purchase high-quality Essential Oils.

Share the EO Love

After purchasing and using essential oils yourself, for performance, overall health and wellness, and household green cleaning, you may want to share what you’ve learned with others. Many companies offer you the chance to do this and earn some commissions to either pay for your own personal oils, or make extra money sharing something you love. If this interests you, and you would like to join me, simply email me at woa@apexnutritionllc.com and let me know. I’ll send you everything you need to get started!

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