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I am thrilled to hear the improvements that my customers and clients make through putting my Fuel Right Race Light ebook techniques into practice, utilizing a custom plan, and working one-on-one with me.  I’m inspired by them.  I know these athletes have put in a lot of time and hard work to meet their goals.  Here’s a sampling of their success:

Without a doubt Kelli has improved my cycling in a big way this season. Managed to loose 7kg of weight whilst still maintaining all the strength and power output I had previously, equating to around a 10% increase in power to weight ratio in a period of 3 months. Wow! And not only that I feel better both on and off the bike, have plenty of energy for work, and look forward to long endurance rides because of all the tasty food I get to eat! Thanks again Kelli for all your efforts! Highly recommended to all endurance athletes out there looking to get the edge on the competition. – Matty J.

After coming off a stress fracture, I was looking to get back into ultra-running shape and contacted Kelli. I got way more than I expected! A great nutrition coach who not only helped me understand food as fuel, but she provided great detailed guidance on my nutritional needs, including everything from my off/light training days to the hardest training days. She helped me create a tailored detailed fuel plans for race days. I am a much better ultra-runner after following the daily and race plan nutrition. Now, even over a year later – I am committed to her overall nutrition plan, it simply works. Even after putting in all the training miles, nutrition is by far the best edge I have when it comes to ultra-running! -Doug, Ultra-marathon runner

As an age group triathlete, I started working with Kelli after my coach’s recommendation. I had caught the “Tri Bug” about 2 years back and I had already dropped around 40 pounds just by training. But still I had a long way to go in order to become a faster and complete athlete. Eating and dieting for “performance” was what I needed and what turned out to be a huge difference. After a few and quick Q&A session with Kelli, she efficiently laid out a nutrition plan that focused on the two major components on an athlete’s life: Fueling and Nourishing your body in order to sustain your body trough hard training and help you achieve your performance goals. As I followed the plan, I learned so many things and realized how much waste I was fueling my body with. In just a 3 to 4 months period, not just me, but my family completed changed our eating habits and what is more important, enjoyed doing it as we saw results and never felt hungry or weak when training. Kelli made it so simple and she continuously kept in touch trying to answer any question that I might had. Now, Kelli’s book/guide is my reference for all my training, racing and resting days nutritional needs. I set new PRs for the Olympic distance triathlon and for the Half marathon twice. And looking for more to come by maintaining good eating and fueling habits and of course, training hard!!!!! Enjoy the ride to a better performance. Thanks Kelli!!!! -Angel, avid Triathlete

I started my coaching plan with Kelli to improve my overall nutrition and fueling at the beginning of my training season, and what a journey. In a period of 10 months I not only lost about 30 lb and 4 percent of body fat, but also with her extremely valuable weekly feedback I could keep my energy level high and stay on track. I consider myself quite fortunate to had a chance to work with her and I highly recommend her for those who are serious about seeing result and improvement. Thanks Kelli, Reza triathlete

My experience working with Kelli @ Apex Nutrition has been nothing but positive. Through the use of Kelli’s services, I have been able to make some key changes to the way I eat on a daily basis and I have lost several pounds as a result.  In addition to making better daily nutrition choices, Kelli has helped me dial-in my training & racing nutrition so that I have consistent energy on the bike.” -Dave B

Sorta felt like I owe you my success story (thx)…  I started racing last year after watching my sons first mountain bike race and feeling left out of the fun. We rode as a family and I was faster than my son and my nephews so figured I was in pretty good shape for 39 years old. Nope; I didn’t finish last but I was fairly close to it and boy did I feel bad. Oh my gosh, I’m out of shape 🙁   ….  5’7″ and 180lbs I could afford to lose some weight. Down loaded an app, and started counting calories to lose weight. I lost some weight but I never felt that was right for someone competing. I needed to lose weight while maintaining energy for racing. Searching for mountain biking info, I found MBR and heard your podcast. I looked up your web page and it was exactly what I was looking for! I lost weight, got healthier and moved up through the ranks, finishing the season 5th in points, 20lbs lighter, and feeling so much better during and after racing. This season:  A lazy offseason and I started off a little out shape and in a new category 40-49. A bit disappointed with a 4th place finish, kicked me into gear to get back on track. Working hard and fueled right, i have climbed to first in points this season. But a new problem arose, some races I felt great and some races I felt a bit sluggish. As my competitors used me as inspiration to get better and closed the gap, off days did not cut it. I realized my race day fueling wasn’t great. So thx to you I think I’ve gotten that under control now and after the win (feeling great), I have secured enough points to win the series with two races left. Thank you so much for your help. Things I have learned:  Food is fuel! The best fuel can make you faster all by itself, and bad fuel can make the fastest person slow. Ignoring your fuel, will cost you races! Thx for teaching me what good fuel is. – JR M.

Kelli Jennings has been a part of our staff with Team Prep USA and the Rocky Mountain Xc Camps for the past 6 years. It is great to have such an incredible resource on nutrition in your back pocket like Kelli. Team Prep has become one of the top elite training programs for high school athletes according to ESPN and it would of not been able to reach these level without the help of our partner Kelli Jennings.-Trent Sanderson, Owner and President of Team Prep USA Running

Kelli – Thank you for being a guest expert on our Trainer To Go TeleClinic. You provided simple ways for people to improve their diet, regardless of their hectic schedules. And, you really underscored the importance of what simple changes can do for one’s health – very motivating! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping our members to improve their health. -Heather Moreno, President, PeopleFit USA

Best wishes w/ your nutrition practice. You run a good practice. Polite, professional, quite well informed and your advice is quite customized to your clients. – Steve, RI (Endurance Sports Nutrition Client, avid Triathlete)

Kelli, Everything is going well. Thanks for taking the time to make up the meal plan for biking season. Thanks for all the great work you have done for me. – Chad, CO

I worked with Kelli for six months by e-mail. She does an amazing job of keeping on top of things and answered questions in a very timely fashion. Kelli gave me several tools and a lot of tailored information that I am using even after I decided to continue on my own. Her service is definitely worth it. – Lori, NY

Kelli gave me a meal plan that was easy to follow and helped me lose over 100 pounds as well as motivation to keep going with weekly emails. I owe Kelli for teaching me how to eat good quality food and the proper portion. – Sterling, CO (Weight Loss Client)

Kelli, after carefully listening to my lifestyle and daily activities, masterfully tailored a very sensible and easy to implement nutritional routines that work. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to eat healthy everyday! These habits are now a part of me and I know I will continue with them for the rest of my life. – Rick, NY

Hi Kelli, Things are going well. I am back on track – I feel much more energetic- I feel confident I will meet my goals. I definitely feel that I got my money’s worth with the packets and your encouragement. Your food suggestions with multiple options were the most helpful part for me. That made it easy to follow the plan. Signing up with Apex forced me to make the changes that will help me meet my weight goals and be healthier. Thank you for all your help, Michelle, NY

Kelli, I just got my blood test results back. The changes are unbelievable. My cholesterol before was 280 (last September). Now it’s 193. My Triglycerides went from 132 to 54. My LDL went from 182 to 118. My blood sugar went from 111 to 93, and for the first time in 5 years, my liver function was within normal ranges. I am also down to 146! Thank you so much for helping me to make such a drastic changes. I am very excited and look at this as a new way of life for me. – Wendi, Weight Loss & Wellness Client

So far I am very impressed with my success – this plan is very realistic and rewarding. If you follow it, it works – I have also lost about ten pounds so far, which makes me feel really good about myself. My clothes have really started to fit better and I find I have more energy overall and am sleeping better. – Charlotte, CO

Hi Kelli- I love the food plan, and I have been feeling really good. – Michele Jennings, CA (Endurance Sports Nutrition Client, Avid Cyclist)

Hi Kelli, Great News! I had my blood checked this morning and my LDL’s have gone from 151 to 116!!! And it�s all thanks to you. I have kept off the pounds that I lost-thank you so much – Marilyn, CO

[I] am enjoying following the basic lifestyle of your meal plans- I am on day #4 of being head-ache free!!!!!! What a beautiful feeling. – Bonnie, CO

Hi Kelli�I have been doing so well, and I’m very motivated. I feel great, so many people are complimenting me…I’m down 2 pants sizes now, and nothing feels better than that!…Thanks for all your help and encouragement! – Heidi, CO

Hi Kelli,, Thanks so much for all your advice and help, I have been able to stick to our plan so far and it is working for me. All that paperwork you gave me continues to come out of the drawer and remind me of selections and portions and possible recipes – it has all been a huge help. Thanks again for all you’ve done, Jamie, CO

Going good so far. The meal plans are very easy to follow. It’s working out well with my husband and what he likes to eat�YEAH – I’ve lost 10 pounds. I know that is not unusual for the first week but it is definitely a boost. Also, I feel full most of the time because it seems like I just finish a meal and then its time for a snack. Not a bad way to feel when you are supposed to be on a diet! My food choices are definitely better. Thanks. Anita

Hi Kelli, Yes I have great news. [So far] I lost 6 lbs just by eating right, amazing.-Carlixta, NY

Kelli, I have been eating well!…I am definitely feeling lighter – and I think I look skinnier! I’m definitely very thrilled, and even more motivated to keep eating healthy!…you have been very helpful, and I really appreciate all of your time and effort! Thanks again, Hayley, CO

Thank you for all your help and support. As of today I have lost a total of 8 lbs- thank you for getting me started in the right direction. You made me aware of what is needed in a healthy diet and I too believe I am on my way to my goal. – Tikisha, NJ

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