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Purchasing Essential Oils: The Well-Oiled Athlete

Purchasing Essential Oils

As I’ve stated in the videos above, I don’t take essential oils, supplements, or any isolated portions of plants or foods lightly. Once a part of a food or plant is isolated or concentrated, it can become very powerful and must be used with caution. Since it no longer has the barriers that were naturally in place to slow digestion and minimize absorption (in some cases), the compounds can often enter our systems quickly and affect our cells, tissues, and systems. When used wisely, this can be a great thing. When used carelessly, it can become dangerous.

So, just like with supplements, I recommend that you only purchase essential oils from reputable companies. When it comes to oils, I recommend specifically that the companies have well-documented data on the origins, distillation processes and chemical make-ups of the oils as evidenced by routine testing. Just like the supplements we buy, we don’t want heavy metals,

Sure, it can be cheaper buy oils from a company that do none of this, but that’s not what I want to put into my bloodstream and cells. A good company also provides great resources and scientific evidence. The company I recommend does this well, and I will continue to provide this data to anyone who wants to purchase oils here.

Second, I like companies that suggest precautions and practical ways of using the oils, safely. Let’s not rub every woman, man, child, and dog with every oil in unlimited amounts. Instead, let’s dilute oils, use caution with amounts, and know which ones are strongest, which ones are okay for us and/or our children, and which will suit us best. I recommend that you heed the cautions and tips I’ve listed in my 100+ Ways Essential Oils Work for Athletes. One of the significant benefits of buying oils through my link below is that I will send you a copy of this document as a FREE bonus, and I can become your resource for using oils wisely…no need to sort through the many misconceptions and marketing all over the web. Sound familiar? It’s all the same stuff I offer all my sports nutrition!

If you’re ready to buy oils and want ones from the company I recommend, simply click on the link below:

Simply email oils@apexnutritionllc.com to receive my product page link, view, explore & purchase high-quality Essential Oils.

Here’s what comes with a purchase through my link:
1. A Free Copy of my 100+ Ways Essential Oils Work for Athletes ($20 value, can be purchased separately, here).
2. A Series of educational emails sent each day for 2 Weeks to give you Tips to get started safely (begins 3/30/16)
3. Access to My Well-Oiled Athlete Facebook Group for Ongoing Tips, Research, and more! You can also ask questions here and stay in contact.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Purchase:
1. Consider WHOLESALE Price Membership. It’s sort of like Costco. You pay a yearly $35 membership fee, and you get access to wholesale prices (25% off retail) for the entire year. There’s no catch, no minimum order, and no other requirements.

2. Consider an “enrollment kit.” These handy kits provide the most common and easy to use oils to get you started with a variety that can take care of most everything you need from the get-go. There’s even an ATHLETE-specific kit! You’ll save money compared to purchasing each oil separately, and the best part? YOUR WHOLESALE ENROLLEMENT FEE IS INCLUDED. What’s more:
*The majority of recipes/tips from my “100+ Ways Essential Oils Work for Athletes” use the common oils in the kits. With membership, you also get access to monthly promotions and oil specials

3. If enrolled as a member, you have the option (again, this is in NO way a requirement) to earn cash by sharing this same information with others. It’s often a natural continuation of using the oils – once friends, families, co-workers, associates, and others see the benefits in you, they often want the same for themselves. No need to “sell” them, your health, training recovery, and wellness speak for themselves.

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