Fuel Right Race Light Comprehensive Nutrition Plan (ebook)


Not a simple ebook, but a full nutrition plan for an endurance athlete!  A Daily Nutrition Eating Plan, a Training/Race Nutrition Fuel Plan, and a full Nutrition Program that explains nutrition for your optimal strength to weight ratio, wellness, recovery, common endurance athlete ailments, and much, much more!  Includes direct access to Kelli’s posts, podcasts, videos, and recipes. Everything you’d get in a custom plan…all you have to do is take the plans and customized them to fit into your life to meet your goals.

Product Description

This is not a simple ebook, but a full sports nutrition plan for an endurance athlete!  You’ll choose a Daily Nutrition Eating Plan, at an appropriate calorie level for you and your goals; a Training Nutrition Fuel Plan for every training and every race; and, a full Nutrition Program that explains nutrition for your optimal strength to weight ratio, wellness, recovery, common endurance athlete ailments, and much, much more!  It includes direct access to Kelli’s posts, podcasts, videos, and recipes.  It’s everything you’d get in a custom plan…all you have to do is take the plans and customized them to fit into your life to meet your goals.  You’ll:

  • Learn how to Fuel Right for training and competitions, based on your goals and the intensity & duration of your training/competittion
  • Hydrate adequately day-to-day and while training/competing
  • Supplement well to meet your nutritional needs, optimize performance, and improve metabolism
  • Lose fat and improve metabolism with “Metabolism Boosts” – easy strategies, habits, and nutrients that promote fat burning and discourage fat storage
  • Eat clean, whole-foods every day within a healthy, detailed, family-friendly meal plan. Your meal plan is desgined to promote optimal nutrition, high, steady energy levels, and a satisfying variety of foods. Kelli provides portions and instructions to meet your calorie goals for fat loss or weight maintenance
  • Extra nutrition tools including an Eating Out Guide, Grocery Shopping Tour and Tips, Holiday Eating Recommendations and more!
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 2 weeks of your purchase, if you are not completely satisfied
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3 reviews for Fuel Right Race Light Comprehensive Nutrition Plan (ebook)

  1. Vicky
    5 out of 5


    Thanks for all of the info. I like the fact that the plants don’t need to be haerdned off either I’m such a novice gardener; anything that makes plant survival easier works for me! I just finished digging out a couple more plastic containers to start more seedlings next to the house in the sun.

  2. kelli
    5 out of 5


    I first found out about you through the mountainbike radio podcast. I ordered your Fuel Right Race Light plan back in the spring. It finally brought everything I knew together in a way that makes sense and has made such a big difference in the way I fuel on my bike so that I don’t bonk anymore.
    In June I completed my first 50 mile mountain bike race. Thanks to your fueling tips it was a total success! The weather was in the upper 80’s and a lot of people were suffering due to the heat. I had my nutrition all dialed in and really paid attention to the amount of water and sodium I would be consuming. Before I listened to you I never gave sodium much thought but I know it made a big difference on this race day. I ate every 30 minutes, alternating between a quarter of a pb &j sandwich and a Clif gel. I made sure to drink a liter of water every 10 miles (about 2 hours) which was the distance between aid stations. I used Skratch in my water because it had enough sodium but not too many calories, since I was getting those from the food. I didn’t suffer at all during the race, in fact it was the best one for me all season and I think a big part of it was nutrition!
    So thanks!!! Thanks for having such a sensible plan out there. You offer a lot of choices so I think anyone could and should use it. I’ve been telling my friends about it, but I feel like it’s my secret weapon! Love listening to the podcasts too!!

  3. Emoyplend
    2 out of 5


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