Fit & Strong Online Boot Camp – May 2018


Registration for the March 2018 Boot Camp is CLOSED.

This 6-Week Online Bootcamp will run from 5/7/18-6/17/18. Register for May now @ $95 sale price! (Reg $115)

Join Kelli, RD and other wellness-seekers for this 6-Week Fresh Fit Life Nutrition Online Bootcamp! Not only will it jump-start your nutrition plan for 2018, it will give you a chance to dive into every aspect Kelli teaches for weight goals, wellness, and healthy eating & fitness. Every participant will receive a full meal plan, smoothie cleanse plan, fitness plan, Fresh Fit Life nutrition content and more. Then, you’ll receive daily emails (5 days/week) with quick tips, motivation, and daily challenges, short weekly videos, a q&a forum each week, and 1 live video conference. Here’s the content summary:

  • Week 1: Eating Right for Weight Loss & Wellness! We’ll discuss nutrition/meal planning goal setting, my #1 tip for healthy weight loss, top 3 keys for great nutrition, why we need to moderate carbs, portion control and meal planning, and more.  You’ll learn how to eat right for your goals. All participants will receive a full meal plan and smoothie cleanse plan.
  • Week 2: Exercise & Fitness for fat loss, lean muscle building, and a fiery metabolism. We’ll start with adventure & fitness goal setting, best workouts for your metabolism (you can start my workout routines & add to your own), how and when to add “sports nutrition, and more. All participants will receive the Fresh Fit Life 5 Cycle Workout Program (video & pdf).
  • Week 3: Supplements & Hydration
  • Week 4: Metabolism Boosts for a Lifetime for Fiery Metabolism
  • Week 5: Whole Body & Brain Health
  • Week 6: Tools for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating & Meal Planning.

Join in for the content, motivation, q&a sessions, videos, and live online 2-hour conference (it will be recorded and available if you’re unable to attend).  It will change your nutrition and eating for everyday wellness, health, weight goals, and more!


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