Apex Nutrition Online Boot Camp – January 2018

$115.00 $95.00

This 6-Week Online Bootcamp will run from 1/15/18-2/23/18.

Join Kelli, RD and other athletes for this 6-Week Apex Nutrition Online Bootcamp! Not only will it jump-start your nutrition plan for 2018, it will give you a chance to dive into every aspect Kelli teaches for Daily Nutrition and Training Nutrition to help you meet your goals!  Every participant will receive a full meal plan, training/racing nutrition plan, and updated Fuel Right Race Light ebook. Then, you’ll receive daily emails (5 days/week) with quick tips, motivation, and daily challenges, short weekly videos, a q&a forum each week, and 1 live video conference. Here’s the content summary:

  • Week 1: Dive into Daily Nutrition Recommendations for Wellness & Weight Loss Goals. A full customizable meal plan will be provided. We’ll cover the Top 3 Keys to Great Nutrition, How to Lose Weight without Losing Power (or maintain a Lean Weight), and more. You’ll learn how to eat right for your goals.
  • Week 2: Fuel your body right when training and racing! We’ll cover why the body needs specific fuels for optimal performance, how to get in the right fuels before and during training/racing, how to recover right, and more!
  • Week 3: Supplement
  • Week 4: Hydration – Every day and while training/racing
  • Week: 5 Weight Loss and Metabolism for the Athlete
  • Week 6: Tools for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating & Fueling.

Join in for the content, motivation, q&a sessions, videos, and live online 2-hour conference (it will be recorded and available if you’re unable to attend).  It will change your nutrition and eating for everyday wellness, performance, and more!

(As online courses are a new Apex offering, this first one is discounted to $95 as an introductory offer. Future bootcamps will be $115. Join now for the best price of 2018!)

***If you’re looking for a Nutrition Bootcamp with a Healthy Weight, Wellness, & Fitness Emphasis, but not all the “sports nutrition,” check out my Fit & Strong Boot Camp here!


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