Apex Nutrition Online Boot Camp – May 2018

$115.00 $95.00

Registration for the March 2018 Boot Camp is CLOSED.

This May 2018 6-Week Online Bootcamp will run from 5/7/18-6/15/18. Pre-order now for the $95 sale price! (Reg $115)

Join Kelli, RD and other athletes for this 6-Week Apex Nutrition Online Bootcamp! Not only will it jump-start your nutrition plan for 2018, it will give you a chance to dive into every aspect Kelli teaches for Daily Nutrition and Training Nutrition to help you meet your goals!  Every participant will receive a full meal plan, training/racing nutrition plan, and updated Fuel Right Race Light ebook. Then, you’ll receive daily emails (5 days/week) with quick tips, motivation, and daily challenges, short weekly videos, a q&a forum each week, and 1 live video conference. Here’s the content summary:

  • Week 1: Dive into Daily Nutrition Recommendations for Wellness & Weight Loss Goals. A full customizable meal plan will be provided. We’ll cover the Top 3 Keys to Great Nutrition, How to Lose Weight without Losing Power (or maintain a Lean Weight), and more. You’ll learn how to eat right for your goals.
  • Week 2: Fuel your body right when training and racing! We’ll cover why the body needs specific fuels for optimal performance, how to get in the right fuels before and during training/racing, how to recover right, and more!
  • Week 3: Supplement
  • Week 4: Hydration – Every day and while training/racing
  • Week: 5 Weight Loss and Metabolism for the Athlete
  • Week 6: Tools for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating & Fueling.

Join in for the content, motivation, q&a sessions, videos, and live online 2-hour conference (it will be recorded and available if you’re unable to attend).  It will change your nutrition and eating for everyday wellness, performance, and more!

***If you’re looking for a Nutrition Bootcamp with a Healthy Weight, Wellness, & Fitness Emphasis, but not all the “sports nutrition,” check out my Fit & Strong Boot Camp here!

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  1. Stacey
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great way to kick off the year and get ready for a strong race season! I had already read Kelli’s “Fuel Right, Race Light,” book, but doing the bootcamp broke the information up into manageable pieces for me. Dealing with one topic each day made adopting new habits a little bit easier, and I think I got more out of the information this way. Also, getting an email every morning reminding me to log on and read the new info was a great motivation tool – I was reminded every day over coffee that I needed to make nutrition a priority. I’d recommend the bootcamp – totally worth it for the $, considering you get all the information to print out and a bunch of bonus material in the daily blogs.

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