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Instant Download Plans, $15-$60Instant Download Plans, $15-$60

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    Full Fuel Right-Smoothie Cleanse-5Cycle Combo

    Save money now with the 3-Pack Combo...the full package for Fueling Right and Fat Loss! You'll receive the full Fuel Right Race Light nutrition plan, the 3-Day Apex Smoothie Cleanse Plan, and the 5 Cycle Fitness Plan.  Together, these plans will jump-start fat loss, keep you losing fat through eating right and fitness, and help you form a lifestyle of optimal Daily Nutrition, Training Nutrition, Supplementation, and Hydration.  You'll meet your health, weight goals & performance goals!

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    Fuel Right Race Light Comprehensive Nutrition Plan (ebook)

    Not a simple ebook, but a full nutrition plan for an endurance athlete!  A Daily Nutrition Eating Plan, a Training/Race Nutrition Fuel Plan, and a full Nutrition Program that explains nutrition for your optimal strength to weight ratio, wellness, recovery, common endurance athlete ailments, and much, much more!  Includes direct access to Kelli's posts, podcasts, videos, and recipes. Everything you'd get in a custom plan...all you have to do is take the plans and customized them to fit into your life to meet your goals.

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    5 Cycle Fitness Plan

    Looking for the secrets to enduring fat loss, strength, explosive power, and injury prevention? 5 Cycle Fitness is your answer to 1) Fat Loss/Muscle Increases and 2) Explosive Interval Training for power, strength, balance, and flexibility. It include 4 unique workouts, each of which only take 20-30 minutes, are conveniently in-home, and requires only small hand weights for equipment (optional). No matter your fitness level, you'll be challenged, and within just a few weeks, you'll see incredible results in terms of power and fat loss.

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    Apex “DIRTY KANZA 200″ Nutrition Plan


    Apex Nutrition now offers a specific fueling plan for the Dirty Kanza 200!  From taper week to the morning of the race, through my hourly race fueling recommendations to recovery,

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    Apex “Leadville 100 MTB” Nutrition Plan


    Apex Nutrition now offers a specific fueling plan for the Leadville 100 MTB Race!  From taper week to high altitude considerations to the morning of the race, through my hourly

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    Apex INJURY RECOVERY Nutrition Plan


    if you've been hurt, have an upcoming surgery, or want to know what to do in case of injury, this Apex Nutrition Injury Recovery plan is for you.  You'll learn

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    3-Day Apex Smoothie Cleanse

    The Apex 3-Day Smoothie Cleanse Plan is an incredibly effective full-nutrition, healthy, real-food based smoothie plan that will jump-start weight loss and break weight plateaus.  Over the last 2 years, Kelli has created and perfected this cleansing system to promote quick, healthy weight loss (4 lbs average), high anti-oxidant intake, and a cleanse/rest time for the gut.  This plan has an 100% success-rate among users.  Just follow the instructions, buy the ingredients, blend, drink, and lose fat!

Meet your performance goals in 2014: Download a plan and get started today!