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Essential Oil & Athletes: The Well-Oiled Athlete

How do Essential Oils Work for Athletes?
As we’ve discussed, Essential Oils are simply plant compounds that have been distilled and obtained from a plant. They are small molecules that are able to enter our bloodstreams via respiratory mucus membranes, GI tract absorption, and through the lipophilic layers of our skin.

Once there, they can do a lot of great things.

Among them, essential oils can: Support connective tissue health and healing, soothe the digestive tract (think concentrated peppermint or chamomile tea), provide pain relief and a cooling sensation to the skin and muscles (many compounds are analgesic), provide calming aromas (and this isn’t just “smell” alone, it’s actual chemicals that get into our bloodstream and affect our hormones and brains), promote relaxation of smooth muscles in the respiratory system to support better oxygen flow and oxygenation of muscles (remember, compounds in beets, a plant, do this, too!), and provide anti-bacterial, antiviral, and/or antifungal action in our tissues and cells– the plants have to live with all sorts of diseases, fungi, and pests that can hurt them, too.

So, doesn’t it make sense then, that they can promote wellness athletes’ skin, muscles and joints, digestive tracts, respiratory system, and immune response of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral action? It does to me, and I’ve experience it daily. Overall, it’s a very simple concept, and simple and natural way of supporting your own health, wellness, and athletic performance.

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