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Category Archives: Energy

Tuesday’s Healthy Fuel Recipe: Pre-Training Rice & Eggs

It only takes a little rice to deliver a lot of great riding fuel.  It's an easy, whole-food, delicious, compact source of carbohydrates. And while rice has had quiet a resurgence among athletes with Dr. Allen Lim's wonderful rice cakes, it's been a favorite of many athletes around the world for years.  This week, we'll explore a […]

Training Nutrition Thursday: Minimize the Damage from Endurance Training

Training Nutrition Thursday: Let's face it.  Endurance training can actually cause damage to our bodies. The long hours, over-use, and tough conditions can leave us fatigued, malnourished, and even injured.  Here's how to minimize the damage:
5 Ways to Minimize the Damage of Endurance Training

Tuesday’s Healthy Fuel Recipe: Peanut Butter Protein Power Cookie

Turns out, people like cookies.  After a lot of excitement and positive feedback with the oatmeal cookie fuel recipe, I thought I'd add one of my favorites to the mix: Peanut Butter "Protein Power" Cookies.  This cookie has great long-lasting-fuel ingredients.  It can work on the bike, long run, or even as a snack (see […]

Tuesday’s Healthy Fuel Recipe: Just 3 Words – Dried. Mango. Strips.

You want real foods on the bike or run?  I've got 3 words for you: Dried. Mango. Strips.  They're portable, they're not sticky, not too sweet and incredibly refreshing.  They also happen to be the fuel of choice for one of my favorite riding buddies.

But, how do they stack up to other fueling options?  […]

Tuesday’s Healthy Fuel Recipe: Oatmeal Cookie Fuel

A client recently asked me what I thought about using Oatmeal Cookies for fuel. It happened to be a food he loved, a food he'd look forward to mile after mile, and one he could easily make ahead of time.  It also happened to be a great idea.

Unlike most cookies, oatmeal cookies are unique […]

Tuesday’s Healthy Fuel Recipe: The Great Pasta Swap for Spaghetti Squash

How many endurance athletes out there depend on pasta as a staple of your diet?  While you can make some good choices with pasta (such as choosing noodles made with whole grains or garbanzo beans), wheat flour products will almost always fall short of the nutrition offered in vegetables.  Sure, you’ll get some vitamins and […]

Not Another Case of the Mondays: BLUEBERRIES for Health and Energy!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the heat this summer!  Maybe it’s being 9 months pregnant, living lower in elevation and higher heat than I’m used to, or just plain ol’ hot weather.  No matter the reason, it’s time to recover with a perfect recovery-nutrition frozen treat.  tomorrow, I'll give you a great recipe: […]

Training Nutrition Thursday: “Crashing” After Training

I tend to "crash" after a tough workout. I feel good for 30 minutes or so after the workout but tend to get mild nausea from about 30 minutes-2 hours after. What am I missing? –Ben
Kelli’s Answer:
It could be a few things:

1) Dehydration.  Dehydration can cause nausea and even mask hunger […]

Not Another Case of the Mondays: Grapes for Health and Energy!

Maybe I’m being a little selfish. This week’s featured ingredient, grapes, is probably my all-time favorite food. I can’t really think of any food I like more…to me, they are perfect just as they are: a whole-food sweet package of goodness from the earth. Love ‘em, just like ‘em, or not, there’s no denying that […]

Training Nutrition Thursday: Hydrating in High Heat & Humidity


With summer's high temps and humidity, I need help with strategies to hydrate while running. I definitely sweat a lot, but I just don’t know how much to drink while I run.  I’ve lost up to 6 lbs in one outing.  What should I do?
When it’s hot, and you know you’re sweating a […]

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