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Apex Calorie Calculator

With Apex Nutrition, you’ve found a thorough and professional calorie calculator for optimal intake for maintenance, fat loss, and training nutrition! There are 6 calculations that go into this process:

1) First we’ll determine your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
2) Then, your calorie expenditure for daily activities excluding any dedicated exercise time
3) Thirdly, your total non-training Daily Calories.
4) Next, depending on your weight/fat loss goals, your Foundational Daily Calories – use this to determine your calorie level for your Fuel Right Dynamic Eating Plan.
5) Calorie expenditure for training.
6) Total Calorie Expenditure (daily calories & training: Daily Average AND Individual Days of the week)

How to use Foundational Calorie Goals for Fat Loss: Use these calorie goals to choose your Apex Eating Plan. Eat approximately this amount every day. Then, if you are training or working out for >90 minutes during any workut, add additional training calories based on the type and duration of your training (as recommended on your meal plan) and to insure replenished glycogen stores going into intense training. By eating on a slight calorie deficit, yet maintaining training fuel, you can lose fat while training strong. You will likely not recover all calories used during long or intense training, and have the opportunity for further fat loss during these times. Furthermore, you can use the instructions on your Dynamic Meal Plan to eat grain-free and moderately low-carb for daily nutrition, while still adding adequate carbs for training nutrition (recommended for 20+ pounds fat loss).

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