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It may not be okay to pick a favorite child, you can pick a favorite ski line, ride, flower, mountain, food, AND homemade energy bar. It’s fine.

My favorite homemade energy bar? You take 6 simple ingredients, put them in a food processor, mix and mash ’em, and you’re done. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free. It’s delicious and refreshing. And the best part, you can use different combo of nuts and fruits to made unlimited varieties. I’m a sucker for the Lemon & Chocolate/Orange.

This week, Ben & I sat down to discuss this recipe, it’s so easy I give it to you on the air, and why each ingredients matters. There’s no red dye, weird chemicals, or anything else. Here’s the why and the how of my favorite homemade energy bar:

6 Ingredients, 1 Food Processor, Endless Delicious Energy Bars


You can find this recipe posted here: Favorite Energy Bar

View from Teocalli Ridge’s lung-bursting singletrack climb. Yes, I stopped (right in the middle) and I took a picture mostly so I could catch my breath.

Alright, favorites list:

Ski line: Most anything off Schuykill Ridge

Ride: This one’s tough, but after the trail work done in the last few year, Teocalli Ridge (see Strava here).

Flower: In a bouquet? Yellow roses, growing wild: Columbines

Mountain: Gothic (in Mt. CB) …it looks so dang cool from every angle

Food: Sushi. All of it. No question.

Kid: The cute, sweet one.

Homemade energy bar: Listen in!

And, if you have any show ideas for me,  send ’em my way @ kelli@apexnutritionllc.com.

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