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As you’ve probably heard or read recently, I’ve just started my 2nd online boot camp of the year with a great group of athletes (oh yeah!). I’ve been offering downloads and nutrition coaching for over 12 years. So, why online camps, now? I’ve found that real life change requires more than ever-changing fleeting moments of motivation, more than book knowledge, and more than one day, or even one week. I’ve built these camps based on what I’ve learned working with 1000s of clients on real life change…what I’ve seen make the difference from “diet plan” or “fueling plan” to lifestyle. So, whether you’re interested in my camps or not, I’ve excited to let everyone and anyone in on the secrets, and reasons for the format.

***And, if you’re interested in this March pre-summer season online boot camp, there’s still time…I’ll allowing entrance until midnight 3/6/18. We’re underway, but if you want to join in, I’ll help you catch up and get going. This 6-week camp will run 3/5/18-4/13/18. Find out more here.***

On this latest Apex Nutrition podcast on Mountain Bike Radio, Ben & I discuss 5 Tips to making real lifestyle change:

Take a Look at Yourself & Make a Change


Want the full story? Well then, you’ll love Fuel Right Race Light. It’s the Apex Nutrition ebook, and it contains everything you need to 1) eat right day to day for your weight goals, health and wellness, and ongoing recovery; 2) fuel your training with perfectly timed and portioned training fuel before, during, and after training; 3) supplement smartly with the nutrients athletes need; and 4) hydrate well. Fuel Right Race Light puts it all together for you in a very easy-to-follow plan that you can implement today!

Or, join me in an Apex Nutrition Online Boot Camp and we’ll go through each aspect together! Sign-up today!

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