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My current training goal? Just get ripped. Haha, mostly kidding. Now that I’m 8 months post-op ACL reconstruction, my main focus is to get my quad and upper leg muscles back to normal – as close to the size and strength of my non-affected leg as possible.

And, this is not just for the sake of being ripped.

Since the health of my new ACL depends on the strength of my leg, it’s crucial for me.

Muscle gains may be crucial for you as well, whether it’s to increase strength to weight ratio, to power up climbs better, to prevent injury, or to come back, like me.

Here’s what I’ve learned during the last few months and what I’m doing to alleviate some of the severe soreness of new strength-building exercises while building muscle.

Ben and I sat down to discuss my current goals and strategies:

Get Ripped (or Ripa, haha) with Kelli


If you’re interested, here are the products I’m using:

Yoga Studio App (find in your app store) – it does cost $5, but it’s simple and easy to start right away.

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