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Friday Client Spotlight: Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about a wonderful client and his huge recent accomplishment: It’s called “Everesting,” and Jim, at over 50 years young, successfully “Everested” on his bike. I’ve worked with Jim for almost a year. From the get-go, he has been ultra-committed to his weight loss goals (he’s lost ~60 lbs since we started) and this cycling goal. Working with his coach Brandon Davis of Wattage Cottage Coaching on this goal to climb 29,029 feet in one ride w/out sleeping, he has trained and fueled and nourished, and adjusted, and trained some more. All the while, he’s been a client with whom I simply love working and getting to know. This challenge of #Everesting was created by Hells 500 from Melbourne Australia (http://www.everesting.cc/hells500/) . It’s insane. It’s pure will power and mental toughness – my goodness, the mental fortitude to simply keep going up a hill (Jim’s hill required over 215 laps – you pick any hill & then do repeats), lap-style, over and over and over for over 29K. I know what 12K in one push feels like…29K, I don’t know that feeling!!! According to him, his nutrition and fueling plan were successful & he was surprised at his lack of fatigue. I am (almost) at a loss for words, and I can’t say enough congrats to Apex Nutrition client Jim!

His words:
“Everesting” was created by the Hells 500 Cycling Club. The idea is to pick a hill and ride repeats of it until you gain the elevation of Mount Everest (29,029 Ft). I started working on this challenge about 10 months ago in October 2016. Brandon Davis helped me with the training on the bike and Kelli Myers Jennings helped me lose 60 pounds. I like Everesting because there is no time limit, you are just not allowed to sleep..time is not the point…UP is the point. I liked that. My first hill choice was Roan mountain which would have been 12 repeats but due to a lot a scheduling issues it turned out that Hallmark Hill (right in front of my house) became the choice. The hill is 133 Ft of elevation and about a 1/2 mile climb. That meant 215-225 repeats. I started at 10:20am on Friday 8/4 and finished at 2:34pm on Sat 8/5. The hill is almost exactly 1 mile hence a total of 218 miles ridden that would be approx 133 ft of elevation per trip.”

Jim’s Garmin Picture is to the right, and Hells 500 has made his successful attempt official.

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