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I know, I know. It’s gimmicky. But here’s the thing. There are deals to be had on Amazon Prime Day. And since I am a fan of Amazon, Prime, and how it’s made business work better for my small businesses, I have no problem highlighting the sales happening today on “Amazon Prime Day” that make healthy cooking better & easier. More items are highlighted throughout the day, but for now, here’s the list I’m watching and why:

Instapot – 8 quart 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker & Slow Cooker. This is the one I’m watching for my own kitchen today. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of slow cooking and pressure cooking and any kind of cooking that helps me feed my family a delicious healthy meal without spending all my time in the kitchen (because honestly, I like the trail better). And could it be? This one’s a yogurt maker, too? We’ll see about that. This one’s about $40 off regular price with rave reviews.

Ninja Blender. Okay, it’s not a Vitamix (which is $100 off and still $400 today), but if you simply don’t have $400 on a blender at the moment, and many blenders do a great job. This one’s one of them. A blender is a required tool for my smoothies, raw cocoa chocolate milk, and more! It’s almost 50% off today!

Food Processor.  I’m for a blender and a food processor in my kitchen despite the fact that I mostly like to minimize appliances (I think you can grill a sandwich on the stovetop easier than a “sandwich maker”). However, if you want your smoothies smooth, you need a blender. And if you want your hummus pureed without getting all stuck in the bottom of your blender, you need a food processor. Blenders for liquids, processors for solids. This one’s pricey, I know, but if you’re in the market for a good one that will last a long time, it’s 20% off today.

Spiralizer. I’m new to this gadget after years of just slicing and dicing veggies in place of grains by hand. This is a great deal on a good tool. Two of the best ways to get your family to eat more veggies? Add them to smoothies, and use them in place of refined grains such as pastas. This is in addition to my “light at night” mandatory 1/2-plate veggie dinners. Because the 3rd way to eat more vegetables? Put them on your plate and eat them. This will help & it’s 20% off today.

Cast Iron Skillet. The anti-appliance. It adds iron to your food, cooks evenly, and is a tried and true staple of the kitchen. Good price today.

That’s if for now. If anything else knocks my socks off, I’ll let you know.

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And FYI, yes I do use affiliate links in my posts and make a tiny commission. But, my opinions and recommendations are, and have always been my own. It’s nice to make some coins while dishin’ out the freebies & advice:)

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