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Movie Monday on Apex Nutrition TV!  Movie Monday – the summer season is in full swing, and the Fuel Right Blog is starting up again. What better way than Training Fuel Basics? Remember, no matter what “system” or “philosophy” to which you subscribe, keep it simple and you’ll have more success on the trail. Here are the 3 Keys I teach; they are tried and true and can help any athlete improve performance from a 90-minute to a 24-hour run, bike, climb, race, or adventure.

Fuel Right & Feel Great!

Apex Nutrition TV – Simple Training Nutrition Basics

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Want the full story? Well then, you’ll love Fuel Right Race Light. It’s the Apex Nutrition ebook, and it contains everything you need to 1) eat right day to day for your weight goals, health and wellness, and ongoing recovery; 2) fuel your training with perfectly timed and portioned training fuel before, during, and after training; 3) supplement smartly with the nutrients athletes need; and 4) hydrate well. Fuel Right Race Light puts it all together for you in a very easy-to-follow plan that you can implement today! Money back guarantee!

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