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Tuesday’s Healthy Fuel Recipe: For me, this is a timely podcast. I’m learning, even more than before, to stop being tough. I’m on the couch, icing, electroding, and resting, more than I’m not. Friends are cooking for me (yes, they’re the best ever). My kids are doing extra chores. Moms have driven in, flown in, and stayed to help us. And my husband, well he’s the best…doing so much after working all day.  Being laid up is hard no matter the circumstances, and having 4 busy kids with a mom recovering from surgery has required a village.

Sure, there will be times in my recovery and rehab to really push myself. And I am rehabbing now and doing my best to get my quads working again. But after decades of teaching myself to push through pain, I’m mostly being coached to allow healing right now.  So yeah, I’m learning more about not toughing it out. And even when not injured, it’s oh-so-important for athletes to step back and take care of their bodies. In this latest Apex Nutrition Podcast, Ben and I discuss why I’m not a Tough-Gal Athlete:

I’m Not a Tough Gal Athlete


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